Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Best Quality Shipping Containers for Your Money

If you're running a storage facility or purchasing a container that will be in a highly visible area where the appearance of the storage container is important, one trip, or new, shipping containers are the best way to go for several reasons - color, condition, and interior  are the three main reasons.

Shipping Container Color

New shipping containers are typically a solid color - tan or white are the most common colors.  They blend easily with your surroundings, and they don't stick out in nearly any environment.

On a used shipping container the paint may be fading, chipped, or some crazy color that you'll need to paint over.  Repainting a shipping container can cost around $600 or more.

Shipping Container Condition

On a new shipping container the doors, locking gear, and hinges are all freshly oiled, and swing easily.  Your clients, or the people using the container will have no problem opening the doors, closing and locking them, and they'll require very little maintenance.

Used shipping containers may have a lot of grease, which isn't an issue in itself; but the doors may not swing as naturally as a new container, and they may require some effort to push shut and lock them.  To make the doors swing freely you'll need to have them squared up, re-greased, and any dents worked out.

Shipping Container - Condition of the Inside

A new shipping container will have fresh, clean floors and no odors.  The plywood floors will have no gouges or damage and no stains or discoloration.

A used shipping container may have stained floors, or gouges and chips out of the flooring and need to be repaired.  Depending on the amount of work and condition of the floors, it could be over $100 to replace the flooring.

Comparing New and Used Shipping Containers

The price of a new shipping container is normally $1000-$1500 more than a used shipping container.  If the price is substancially lower, you'll probably need to invest a lot of money to get it into good working order. Not only money, but you'll have to wait for the repairs and refurbshment to be completed - meaning that you can't rent it out until it's repaired.  Click here to learn more about refurbished shipping containers.

Do your own math, if you can't wait for your unit and want a clean, fresh looking container.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Summer Time = Cheap Shipping Containers for Sale

Need a shipping container for your summer project, portable business office, or other on-site storage project?  The summer time, is the right time, to buy a container!  The inventories are well stocked, and they're often sold at cheaper rates due to higher inventories. has partnered with a few of it's key sellers to put together a list of cities with containers that must be sold at cheap prices; and if you're in or near one of these cities you can get a great unit for a low price.

In target cities around the US and Canada you can find sellers have 20' used containers in cargo worthy condition starting at auction for $1500, and used 40' containers in cargo worthy condition with auctions starting at $1950.  These are wholesale prices that are only available for a short period of time.

New 20' shipping containers starting at $2600, and new 40' shipping containers starting at $4200.

Once the existing inventory is cleared out, prices will return to normal and your chance of getting a great deal may be gone.

buy a used 20' shipping container

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

20' High Cube Shipping Containers

20' high cube containers are becoming more and more popular for storage and office modifications projects.  For many people, a 40' container is too long to do the job, a 40' high cube is out of the question, and but a 20' standard height container is a little too short for comfort.

The solution is a 20' high cube container.  20' high cube containers are 20' long, 8' wide, and 9.5' high - an extra 1.5 feet in head room.

One thing to consider when you start shopping for a 20' high cube - since they're a newer design, and not commonly used by shipping lines, it's usually not possible to find any used equipment of this size; only new or one trip 20' high cube containers are widely available.

For retail buyers, you can buy 20' high cube containers on, commercial and wholesale clients can find 20' high cubes on

20' high cube dimensions

LENGTH 6,058 mm / 20 ft
WIDTH 2,438 mm / 8 ft
HEIGHT 2,896 mm /  9.5 ft

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Portable Offices, On-site Storage, made from Shipping Containers

Portable Offices made from Shipping Containers

We've had a few great offices made shipping container for sale recently, and one of our sellers has been producing high quality container offices and moving them throughout Ontario.

Custom doors and windows, solar lighting, portable, and highly secure.  If you're in construction, oil, or a related field you can't go wrong with this off-site office/storage unit.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Great deals on Ohio Cargo Containers!

If you're looking for a shipping container, cargo container, or storage container in Ohio or the Ohio Valley (Western PA, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio), the spring is the best time to do it.

There are multiple shipping and storage container auctions taking place in the coming months in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.

They'll be posted on, and on this page you can read some tips about Ohio storage containers.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Where Can I Find Cheap Shipping Containers in Colorado?

Storage and shipping containers in Colorado don't stick around long. There aren't a lot of cheap containers that pass through Denver, Colorado and when they do they're normally bought up by retailers in the Front Range. When shipping containers are available you need to be ready to move quickly on them and purchase them as they come on the market.

What types of shipping containers are available in Colorado, and where are they?

The most common shipping containers that stop in Colorado are 20' and 40' containers. Some are in "wind and water tight" condition, and others are in new/one trip condition Due to the geography and trade industries located in Colorado, the shipping containers are primarily available in the metro-Denver area. Occasionally, retail dealers will move them to Colorado Springs or Fort Collins. Finding a shipping container in the foot hills or Western Slope is much less common. If you're on the Western Slope of Colorado it may be easier, and less expensive, to reposition a shipping container from Salt Lake City, UT.

What are shipping containers used for in Colorado?

Shipping containers are used primarily for ranch, farm or job-site storage units. On the Western Slope, containers are often used for oil field storage, where they can be dropped near drilling platforms and used as a secure place to store equipment (note: if purchasing a used shipping container, you may need to buy a special bolt on lock box for shipping containers) Converting shipping containers into modular homes has increased in popularity over the recent years as designs have improved and off the grid housing has become more accepted.

Why are Shipping Containers Popular for Storage?

Shipping containers make great storage facilities because they're cheap and affordable, they set up quickly, often instantly depending on your needs, and they stand up well against the harsh sun, wind, rain and snow that can be common in part of Colorado.
Shipping containers can be repurposed for just about any use, and the quick changes of weather in Colorado, dry climate, and remote storage needs all benefit from this type of product. If you need help finding shipping containers in Colorado you can find them on has a regular supply of containers and sells them at cheap, wholesale prices.